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  • Best Forgotten Comic Book Villains

    Superheroes would be nothing without an antagonist.

  • Comic Book Clichés We Should Retire

    Women in comics have been objectified for ages.

  • Impactful Moments in Comic Book History

    One of the most understated abilities of comic book writers is how they handle emotions.

  • Alan Moore: 3 comics written by him you should read

    The trope defying comic was published in 1986 and finished in 1987 by DC Comics.

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Must Read Graphic Novels: Modern Edition

Graphic novels are sort of the hot but intense and moody cousins of comic books. They majored in philosophy and human behaviour and spend all day moping around while being beautiful and insightful. Sure, that’s […]

Most Amazing Comic Book Adaptations

Comic books are not that easy to adapt. After what feels like a thousand different adaptations of Spiderman, it’s safe to say that it’s not enough to get a kid inside a custom, prop up […]

Alan Moore: 3 comics written by him you should read

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