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  • Best Forgotten Comic Book Villains

    Superheroes would be nothing without an antagonist.

  • Comic Book Clichés We Should Retire

    Women in comics have been objectified for ages.

  • Impactful Moments in Comic Book History

    One of the most understated abilities of comic book writers is how they handle emotions.

  • Alan Moore: 3 comics written by him you should read

    The trope defying comic was published in 1986 and finished in 1987 by DC Comics.

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Comic Book Artists to Watch

Most of the time when talking about great comic book artists, people immediately think of Alan Moore, Stan Lee, and Kirby. Yes, they were all amazing and produced the kind of work we’ll still be […]

Most Interesting Comics Inspired by TV and Movies

It usually goes the other way around, a comic becomes successful and some big studio orders a movie based on it. But there have been quite a few instances in which a movie or a […]

Alan Moore: 3 comics written by him you should read

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