About The Golden Age Of Comics In History
About The Golden Age Of Comics In History

Everybody has read comics as children; they are colourful with simple prose in little balloons. Comics first originated in Japan in the 18th century. The comics first popularized in America and the UK in the 1930s, however, Japan remains the largest market of comic books which they called manga. The Golden age of comics started with the birth of the most popular comic hero Superman. In today’s world Superman is the most recognized character. Superman was created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, launched in 1938 just before the start of World War II. The success of Superman inspired the creators to conjure a variety of characters and created a whole universe of superheroes. The other superheroes which followed Superman include Batman and The Robin, Wonder Woman, Plastic Man, Green Lantern and Flash. Captain Marvel was the only superhero which challenged the astounding sales of Superman 1940s.

War and the Rise of Superhero Comics

The start of World War II in 1939 marked the increase in sales of comic books. They were cheap and portable, which made them perfect for people during war situations. The tales of superheroes with superhuman powers fighting evil inspired people in the times of war. Captain America was created to create a sense of pride among the citizens in times when their country was giving a significant contribution to the war. The first issue saw Captain America battling Hitler on its cover. Stories of Superheroes fighting for the country in coloured outfits dazzled and motivated at the same time.

Other Genres

After the massive success of superhero comics, different genres emerged in the form of comic books. Crime and Horror were first among the ones who followed superhero comics in terms of popularity. The Spirit was very popular, featured as a masked detective who punished the villains of the society. Teen genre and Science Fiction were among the other genres that emerged during this time. Walt Disney started animal-themed comics featuring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. A comic featuring red-headed Archibald Andrew became so popular that the company that created it changed their name to Archie Comics.

Downfall and Impact

After World War II, the sales of superhero comics slowed down. This slowdown marked the end of the Golden Era of Comic Books. The darkest era of world history proved to be golden to the Comic Book industry. As it served as a contrast to the people suffering in the war times. The characters created in this era have lived on till today. The Golden age for comic books gave birth to a new art form with its unique characteristics. Comic Books remain a source of entertainment for the kids. Every year the comic book industry keeps creating new characters. They have cone a long way from their first superhero, The Superman.