This British writer born in 1953 became famous for his work in the comic book industry, the different comics he has written are successful and popular but also quite controversial.  Discussing political and social issues alongside his views on religion and mysticism contributed to the notion that comics are also for adults and can cover serious topics, he created new characters and worked with already established characters like Batman and Superman.

In the early 80s Moore found employment with Marvel UK and 2000 AD, giving him the opportunity to show off his talent in Captain Britannia and the Future Shocks series. But this was just the beginning of a successful career in the realm of comics, working for big names and as independent alternatively.


Yes, let’s start with the obvious ones first. The trope defying comic was published in 1986 and finished in 1987 by DC Comics. It follows Rorschach´s investigation of a murder scene in the middle of The Cold War which created a persistent fear of a nuclear Armageddon. Moore manages to convey extreme levels of realism in a story about superheroes, using the real-life events to ground them and making them feel like actual persons. Here we have to reflect what would actually happen if people with powers lived among us and how it would change the events of history.

V For Vendetta

This is a graphic novel published by DC Comics between 1988 and 1989 with David Lloyd as it´s illustrator. During the last decade of the Cold War and with Margaret Thatcher as Prime Minister, Moore imagined what would happened to his country after a nuclear war and what kind of society would emerge if the people sacrificed their freedom for a false sense of security. The theme of the novel is a fight between fascism and anarchism, oppression and liberty. V, the main character, adopts the role of a terrorist and will use extreme methods to convince the people of Britain to rebel against a tyrannical government inspired by Nazism.

The Swamp Thing

While not the original creator, when DC Comics gave him the opportunity in 1983 to write this story, they also let him revamp the character to his will. The original Swamp Thing was driven by vengeance as he pursued the people responsible for his transformation and the murder of his loved one. Alan Moore´s approach to the series, gave it a paranormal tone, and gave us a sense of what DC´s magical world was going to be.

The Swamp Thing we know now is a force of nature, instead of a human turned monster. It is a monster that tried to replicate human form and conscience, and its task is to protect the Parliament of Trees or The Green, a council of Plant Elementals with their own agenda. This series helped establish Alan Moore as a writer, it also served as a platform for new characters such as John Constantine to be presented and eventually have their own standalone series.