It’s not often that a secondary character is so compelling that audiences want to know everything about their backstories. Usually, they aren’t developed or interesting enough to warrant any attention. Though, every now and then comes a character that completely steals the show and makes you want to spend more time with them. That’s the case of these 4 awesome characters fronting successful spin-off series.

Jessica Jones’ Hellcat

Trish Walker, of Jessica Jones fame, has her own story. Essentially, Patsy is working as a private investigator for She-Hulk’s firm… until She-Hulk can no longer afford it and Patsy is fired. That’s where the story kicks off. If these were Jessica Jones we’d expect lots of drinking and moping around, but Trish is a lot more optimistic so it’s actually a pretty upbeat story with lots of interesting characters and fun plot lines.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Sabrina is not like the other entries on this list in that she was not a secondary character in someone else’s comic, she’s a reimagining of the original Sabrina. During the 70s, Archie Comics put out Sabrina The Teenage Witch, a pretty wholesome comic (and later live-action series) about a half-witch that lives with her aunts and tries to learn how to navigate the world as a half-witch half-mortal teenager.

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is the dark, twisted, much more mature spin-off. First of all, this Sabrina Spellman’s world is much darker, there’s diabolic deals, deceit, and at some point, a pretty tricky plot in which Sabrina’s father comes back to life in her boyfriend’s body, but she doesn’t know it’s really her dad. So yeah, dark. This comic debuted in 2014 to critical acclaim and is getting a highly anticipated live-action series on Netflix.

Kate Kane’s Batwoman

Kate is known as the first openly gay superhero, but that wasn’t always her story. In her first iteration, she was known as Katherine woman, later on, she was little more than a love interest for Batman to prove his heterosexuality until eventually she became known as just Kate and was introduced as the first Jewish, lesbian, superhero.

This redheaded badass works a lot more independently than her predecessors. She can hold her own even when Batman is not around. You can catch her either in the Detective Comics or on Batwoman: Rebirth. She’s worth a read for any superhero fan.


Jennifer Walters is Bruce Banner’s cousin. After an accident, she receives a blood transfusion from her cousin and becomes She-Hulk, an awesome superhero you should check out ASAP. Unlike Bruce, when Jennifer transform she gets to keep her smarts and is generally in control of what she’s doing. In fact, she often prefers her she-hulk persona over her regular old self.

She-Hulk is an accomplished lawyer for several other superheroes, so she makes appearances in several universes. But the most exciting stories are when she’s going solo. Her comics are often satirized versions of the genre, and since she’s fully aware she’s a comic book character, she often breaks the 4th wall with hilarious results.