Most of the time when talking about great comic book artists, people immediately think of Alan Moore, Stan Lee, and Kirby. Yes, they were all amazing and produced the kind of work we’ll still be talking about for decades to come. But there’s also a new-ish breed of amazing comic artists you should know. Whether they’ve been in the industry for a while and just now getting recognition, or they’re actually new to the entire thing, these are the people you should keep an eye for in the following years.

Geoff Darrow

This artist is hell-bent on avoiding boring, monotonous, cliché art. He goes out of his way to illustrate characters and environments that seem otherworldly at their most normal. It often leads to absurd scenes, but also incredibly detailed backgrounds and delightful fight scenes.

Darrow is insane, or at least he’s got a pretty weird mind. That’s what makes everything he draws so instantly intriguing and haunting. If you could only see one comic artist’s work for the rest of your life, it should totally be Darrow’s.

Andrew MacLean

Those who’ve seen the Balls Fondlers issue of Rick & Morty, are already familiar with this guy. MacLean is the creator of Head Lopper, one of the most imaginative running series these days. His style really comes through in page after page of intricate designs, and impossible creatures roaming around. Head Lopper is one of those books you just can’t reading and that’s in part to Andrew’s amazing drawings.

Emil Ferris

My Favourite Things is Monsters was arguably one of the best graphic novels of 2017. The story is entertaining, the dialogue is great, and the art is simply mind-blowing. See, Ferris does everything with a ballpoin pent, which is weird in an age where most comics are drawn digitally. And also a bold choice considering pen and paper don’t really allow you to correct any mistakes and she spent 6 years completing this novel.

Her drawings are heavily crosshatched, dark and expressive. The amount of detail she included in her work is completely mind-boggling. We hope her next novel won’t take another 6 years to complete because she does the kind of art that gets you hooked and leaves you wanting more as soon as possible.

Daniel Warren Johnson

If you want to get a feel of Daniel’s work, check Space-Mullet, his first webcomic. Newcomers to the comic world are often advised to get started on the internet before transitioning to the more traditional medium. We are thankful for that advice because Space-Mullet is a digital gem. Daniel is a dedicated illustrator, he puts a lot of attention on his movements but he’s also an amazing storyteller so expect flesh-out characters and compelling story arcs.

Kelly Thompson

Kelly is the queen of witty clapbacks when it comes to comics. She’s delightful. You can catch some of her best job in some of Marvel’s issues. She’s been working on Ghostbusters, Jem and the Holograms and a couple of others. Where she really shines is in Hawkeye, and there are even some guest appearances from everyone’s favourite moody P.I. Jessica Jones.