Comic books at a time were the backbone of fantasy entertainment for kids back in the day. That was the time even the adults were hooked to the books and today these books are collectables. With the growing rise of movies and tv shows being made as adaptations of the comic books from yesteryear, people are slowly moving away from the books themselves. A time when people were obsessed with collecting these books has seen a decline. The decline has forced people to believe that the industry is dying or that people simply prefer watching movies to reading these days. The expression of the industry failing is a topic of gloom for those who are still interested in comic books. Truth be told, the creators of the comic book industry have always suffered from a lack of self-esteem. In fact, people make fun of these low self-esteem without understanding the insecurity and the sensitivity of the matter.

Doing The Math

When working out the math behind the sales that the comic book industry over the years, it has been found that there has been a steady rise in the turnover. The exact same products that the fans used to buy even a few years before has shown to carry more value today because of inflating. This simply puts the industry in an excellent position to be termed as ‘doing more than well.’ In fact, the production has almost doubled and a half in a few years for the same products. The price of comic books has indeed increased over the years. However, it also means that they are supporting a niche audience, making it a lucrative market to continue to cater to, similar to art pieces. Also, an excellent point to note is that the sales and inflating calculation do not even count the digital and online sales of the comic book industry – these are simple print comic books that are being referred to.

A Fluctuating Industry

Well, it is in part true that there is a decline in sales. However, this decline is only during some months of the year. The other months make up for the lost months in the sales figures. So, while it ‘appears’ that there is a decline when looked at annual sale figure, the industry is doing really well and is in great shape. Twenty years ago, when people would buy comic books, they would rush to the news-stands to buy their favourite comic books. Today they have moved to digital copies of the comic books. This trend is the same as when people used only landlines in the past to make phone calls and have now moved to mobile phones. The sales figures of digital copies of the comic books have skyrocketed. The movie industry and television industry has only added to the sales number as more people are becoming curious about the industry and want to catch the plots first hand. No, there is absolutely no way the comic book industry is dying. If at all anything, it has grown exponentially over the years, and people are just using different mediums to catch their favourite super-heroes.