Stan Lee, the name brings into memory the influence he had across the entertainment industry and comic spreads. Stan Lee was a comic icon, who passed away at age 95. He built his reputation and career at Marvel. The company also released an obituary as an honour to the Lee legacy. For those who don’t recognize him by his name, every Marvel movie has an old man who appears for a few minutes on screen. This appearance is a tribute to his legacy in the Marvel comic company.

About Stan Lee

Summarising the Stan Lees comic book career into a paragraph is impossible. He was the writer in the 1960s for the now known Marvel Comics. Stan Lee got involved in the characters, and it ranged from Spider-Man to the X-Men. He introduced many more huge names such as the Hulk, Iron Man, Thor and also the Avengers, to name a few. Stan Lee’s work was spectacular, funny, and effortlessly charming. Through his many collaborators, he redefined the superhero genre. Lee almost has around 300 important comic books to his name.

The Genius Who Worked Marvels

Lee worked at Marvel as Editor-in-Chief and produced the iconic superheroes that now everyone knows. He brought in a collection of characters, and his plotting sessions were nonstop bringing out the ever-famous Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, Iron Man, Thor, the X-Men, the Hulk, and more. Lee created the trend in the Comic Book Industry by bringing Marvel comics to the world and also spoke directly to the readers. In his obituary, Marvel said that it would be impossible to find even a corner in the Marvel Universe that Stan Lee did not have his hand in. Stan Lee came up with comic dialogues whenever he felt something, and he addressed issues such as drugs, discrimination, and intolerance. 

The Fantastic Four

Stan Lee created The Fantastic Four bringing a new superhero comic style focusing on the internal drama of the characters and their heroic adventures. This saw considerable success, and Stan Lee went on to create the Incredible Hulk, the X-Men, the Mighty Thor, Iron Man with the same intentions. The prolific Lee created Spider-Man, the greatest success story of Marvel in his new-invented comic style. The revolution of Marvel created by Stan Lee’s comics extended beyond the storylines and the characters such that the comic books created a relationship between creators and fans. In the year 1960, Stan Lee had already completed 20 years of being in the comic business and wished to give up writing. However, his wife urged him to write one that would be his life’s accomplishment’s worth. That was the birth of the Fantastic Four that kicked up a string of creations bringing popularity to Marvel movies.

Lee Comic books

The books revealed something beyond the creations. He was a goodwill ambassador and enthusiastic cheerleader more than anything else. Later, Lee came with movie cameos in the Hitchcock-style. He never forgot the cousin, a publisher who pushed him toward superheroes and his humble success came with Batman and Superman. Though Stan Lee passed away, his legacy lives forever on the silver screen. Stan Lee built Marvel Comics singlehandedly. He brought light and wonder with his contributions making each story unique and saved the comic book industry to have that ever-tightening grip of the heroic moment.