For years, we have seen hundreds (if not thousands) of characters pop in and out of Marvel Comics, the majority of these, for obvious reasons, villains. Although there are two exceptional beings of massive power, that are not only villains but also forgotten heroes sent to the void of a recycle bin, let’s check them out.

There are other characters more powerful than these two, but let’s remember that these two were part of major plot twists, leading adventures and key elements to move stories forward, let us remember things like the fact nobody (not even at Marvel’s HQ) is sure of how old one of these characters is.

Franklin Richards

Franklin Richards is the firstborn son of Susan Storm, AKA the Invisible Woman, and Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic). Little Franklin was born with a condition that makes him have an array of powers that go from precognition to changing the shape of reality as he sees fit.

That cosmic radiation sure did its job. As little Franklin grows, his powers do to, even in the 90’s Onslaught saga, where the being Onslaught is born from the joining minds of Xavier and Magneto, only the youngest member of the fantastic family is able to stand his ground against him.

The creation of pocket dimensions, the re-arrangement and manipulation of matter on a quantum level, making blast attacks from beings as powerful as the Celestials become harmless flowers, Chronokinesis, all forms of telepathy and much, much more powers, have made this character one of the most (if not the most) powerful characters of all times.

The Sentry

A character so powerful he made US, the readers, forget he ever existed. That’s right, Robert Reynolds, AKA The Sentry was of the founder team of The Avengers, but, after being infected with a virus from a villain known as Mastermind, The Sentry then created a being called “The Void” with a strength only comparable to his own.

After realizing The Void was a creation of his own, The Sentry decided to erase himself from all memories of creation, banishing his memories from every single being that ever existed, reshaping the history of the entire multiverse.

He then passed his memories to an imaginary human being who is a comic book writer who writes the adventures of The Sentry. When discovered on The Raft (the supervillains prison) he is freed and a quest for his identity starts.

Emma Frost from the X-men, supported by the whole X-men Alpha team, the New Avengers, The Fantastic Four, and even a helicarrier full of SHIELD’s agents are fighting the Void while Frost unlocks Sentry’s memories for himself, thus freeing the “Golden Man” as The Hulk calls him, memories.

Many times, The Sentry has been killed and brought back to life, making the sentry one of the most powerful beings that ever existed on the Marvel Comics roster of heroes. His mental illness, his moral dilemma and struggle to learn the truths makes him a very interesting character.