Joss Whedon’s Buffy has given way to a lot of content throughout the year. There’s Buffyology, the formal academic studies of the series structure, aesthetics, gender constructs, and main themes. And, of course, there’s the continuation of the Buffyverse through comics.

Since its ending, countless fanfiction pieces and comics have come to light. More notably, Dark Horse, the one penned by Whedon himself that offers a continuation of the series up to Season 12 (Yet to be released). As with the show, some pretty bonkers stuff has happened.

Xander Becoming the Worst

All nostalgia aside, Xander was kind of already the worst. He was a self-proclaimed “Nice Guy” with lots of internalized issues when it came to his views of women. He cheated on Cordelia, and left Anya at the altar. But his redeeming quality was his fierce loyalty to the Buffy gang. He was always there for them. Until season 9 that is.

On season 8, Buffy destroys all magic with some awful results. Dawn ends up in a coma, Nigels dies. Xander gets mad and blames Buffy for all of it. He goes so far as to form an alliance with the Big Bads of the season. Not only is that a stupid decision for someone who’s seen Buffy conquer her enemies time and time again but coming from Xander is just plain weird. Not even Willow, someone whose entire identity depended on magic, got this mad. It comes across as a bit childish and forced.

The Polyamory Angle

Buffy has always been caught up in a bit of a love triangle with Spike and Angel and season 8 offers a rather surprising solution, she should just be with both. In one of the issues, Buffy dreams that she can successfully have a relationship with both of them. So later on when the soulful vampires are having one of their usual fights, she breaks them up and mentions how it was much better when the two of them were kissing. Which make sense because she just had that dream.

Thing is, Spike looks surprised and says something along the lines of “I never mentioned that we…” and gets cut off. Cue spit-take. Did he just insinuate Angel and Spike were a couple? Why was this never mentioned before? Or worse, why hasn’t it been mentioned since?


During Buffy’s TV show we saw a fairly large number of beings, few of them were as weird (or unnecessary) as zompires. When Buffy destroyed all magic, she inadvertently kind of destroyed all vampires as well. They still existed, but they weren’t really the vampires she was used to killing.

Without magic these guys were just thirsty monsters in decomposing bodies. No witty retorts, not much incentive beyond wanting to kill… just mindless walking around like a zombie would do. Though they do become a problem, they disappear the same way they came. It was just a weird moment.

Spike Has an Alien Army

In comics, Spike gets his own well-deserved spin-off. Generally, the series is exactly what you’d expect for when he becomes friends with a sort of alien bug army. He even becomes the leader of the aliens at some point and uses them to help Buffy in season 8.