The cinematic universes popularized by the Marvel and DC comic books have taken the world by storm. Ever since the latter half of the 20th century, people have been fascinated by narratives of superheroes, villains, superpowers, and the struggle between the forces of good and evil. The first saga of the Marvel superhero films alone, which started with the 2008 Iron Man film, is a multibillion-dollar industry.

Other film producers, film studios, television channels, and even online streaming services have taken the hint and are on their way to bringing more comic book adaptations to the public. Here are some of the most anticipated and well-received comic book adaptations in 2019.

Released Comic Book Adaptations

After the heart-stopping events of last year’s Avenger’s: Infinity War along with the well-theorized surprise ending in the credits, a lot of comic books and Marvel fans has been anticipating the Captain Marvel film adaptation this year. After its release last March 2019, fans were not disappointed with the characterization, story, entertainment value, costumes and special effects, as well as to its added and valued content to the Marvel cinematic universe.

Another comic book adaptation that was welcomed with positive reviews and acclimations from fans all over the world is Shazam, a film released last April. The narrative of this comic book superhero contains fantasy, magic, and comedy. The film gained the approval and anticipation of many moviegoers and film-lovers who were not a big fan of previous DC superhero movies.

Other than the big screen, comic book adaptations have also found their way into the small screen as Netflix released an online series based on Gerard Way’s comic, The Umbrella Academy. The previous lead singer of the emo-rock band, My Chemical Romance, created diverse and uniquely captivating characters.  Fans of both the comic and the series commented that the characters were successfully brought to life by talented actors such as Robert Sheehan and Ellen Page. 

Comic Book Adaptations to Look Forward To

The rest of 2019 would also be filled with many other comic book adaptations to look forward to. One of the most anticipated ones would be an origin story of Joker, the infamous but still very popular villains of the Batman Universe of DC comics. Heath Ledger and Jared Leto’s performances as the crazed villains in other films of the Batman series were memorable for the actors’ unique and enthusiastic interpretation and performance of the character. However, the new Joker film this October 2019 would feature the talents of seasoned actor Robert de Niro.

Batman Universe
Batman Universe

Many comic book fans claim that next to the hugely successful cartoon adaptation of Batman, the adaptation of comic superhero Spawn is a close second. That is why there is a lot of pressure and expectation from the comic’s fan base for producers and directors to not disappoint the eagerly awaiting public. The unique universe of Spawn and its conflict-rich characters would be brought to life by popular actors Jamie Foxx and Jeremy Renner in the upcoming 2019 film. Online streaming service and media producers like Amazon and Netflix are not to be outdone by movie makers from the big screen. Amazon is set to release a cartoon adaptation of Invincible while Netflix is planning on releasing adaptations of the Millarworld comics.